Welcome To FireTEXT Mobile

· In-App Chat

· Push Notifications

· EAS Alerts (Weather Alerts)

· ERG Manual (Emergency Response Guide)

· Current Weather Conditions Based On Location

· Share GPS Location To Dispatch And Chat

· Share Images To Dispatch And Chat

· Audio Streaming For Your Department

· View Past Messages

· Customized Ringtones

· Subscriber Login For Individual Users

· Much More To Come

Mobile Application
Version  OH ONE

NOW Available for download

Current Plan:
FireTEXT ‘Simple Service’ $145 a year

New Plan with auto enroll:
FireTEXT ‘Premium Service’ $420 a year
(Discount for current customers, save $120 a year if auto enroll at the beginning of the billing cycle)

New Plan after January 1, 2019:

FireTEXT ‘Premium Service’ $540 a year
(If you do not want to upgrade at this time, and decide to upgrade after January 1, 2019, Standard pricing may apply at the full rate). 

Current plan ‘Simple Service’ allows you to get messages from dispatch or department head.

New plan ‘Premium Service’ includes the Simple Service plan, and access to NEW mobile application for your entire department, advance texting options as well as any website console updates.


If you wish to opt out of any upgrades to include premium text messages, mobile application access, and any additional updates as they are released, please opt out by sending an email to support@firetext.net. If opting out, we will leave you on the “Simple Service” plan.

Current customers will be automatically upgraded to the Premium Service plan at the discounted rate, saving $120 a year. No action is required to Opt In.