We can tell you all about how great our service is and all the benefits it can offer your department, but sometimes testimonials from active customers are the perfect way to show you the quality of the services we can provide. FireTEXT values each and every one of our customers. Here is what our customers have to say about us...

Customer Testimonials

FireTEXT has brought alerting of emergency personnel into the 21st century, it is incredibly useful tool to have. With new FCC narrow band requirements, pagers don’t always work especially if you cover a large area. FireTEXT covers this void, you can be out of pager or radio range and still be notified and respond to the emergency. It is also helpful for double checking addresses and the notification of non-emergency events such as training meetings.
Logan Furish, Firefighter Southern Greene County FD
FireTEXT is one of the best services introduces to the field of Emergency Services! Couldn’t operate without it in conditions like this! Thank y’all!
Jamey Vanlandingham, Source: Facebook Reviews
Let me say something. You have an amazing product and amazing/awesome support. FireTEXT helped us this very weekend. Our service went down, and we called FireTEXT for help. We didn’t expect a quick setup, but they went the “extra mile” and had us up within a few hours. So I gave 5 stars for the support, 5 stars for the service, and 10 stars for the customer service.
Lucas Anderson,

April 16, 2014


I am writing this to let you know how much I appreciate the service that FireText provides for the Blytheville Fire Department. We have been using FireText for a little over a year now and the service it provides is one of the purchases the Department has made in years. It is incredibly cost effective, efficient, easy to use and update, and very dependable.

Our Department like most fire departments rely on the use of pagers in order to be able to recall off-duty firefighters when needed for support. We realized the need of a backup paging system for our Department after an ice storm knocked out the power to our paging system for several days. A neighboring department was using your service and had good things to say about it. We decided to give it a try because the low cost involved with your service; it was initially set up for a backup to our Motorola Minitor V pagers. It took us less than a day to gather the cell phone numbers and carriers of all of our Firefighters, I forwarded the information to you and on the same day you had our Department up and running with FireText. I then trained each Firefighter how to use the FireText system and within a week we were using the system; it would have taken less time but I had to work my way through three stations and three separate shifts. Our Department set a policy to use the Department pagers and FireText for recall of our off duty firefighters. I noticed most of the Firefighters stopped carrying their Minitor V pagers and started relying strictly on FireText to alert them. We also use FireText to pass on other Department information that we do not want to broadcast over the paging system. The FireText system started out as a backup system but is now used more than our paging system. Updating, deleting, and adding personnel to the FireText system is very easy also; I send and email to support@firetext.net and within minutes the changes are made.

I just wanted you to know that our Department relies of FireText daily and I appreciate the service you provide.


Captain Francis R. Lewis
Blytheville Fire Department


More Testimonials

“Cave City Fire/Rescue is thankful for FireText!!”
“Love the service,I only see you getting bigger and better, thank you.”
Doubled Eldridge III, Source: Facebook Reviews
“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great service. It is the perfect supplement to our communication system and we have already used it three times in the past four months when our primary systems went down during bad weather. There is no telling how many lives this system saves on those occasions.”