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The FireTEXT team at Custom Communications strives to provide the best possible service to its customers. Being in the emergency service we understand the importance of communications. We have developed and distribute an ever advancing service to emergency personnel nationwide. With this service you and your department will be able to respond faster to emergency calls thus saving life and property.

Simple and basic, yet important service to aid your department with a backup solution in emergency situations or informative for everyday use. With the cheapest prices and the variety of options, this service virtually pays for itself.

What is FireTEXT?

FireTEXT is a web based program, designed and distributed by Custom Communications LLC, that sends a text message to emergency responders cell phones notifying them of emergencies. These messages are sent from a computer or smartphone using a SUPER easy and VERY convenient web site. You will receive a message from dispatch advising of the location and type of call. Direct messages from dispatch that contains detail information may not be available in all areas. Other services can be provide to include by not limited to automatic messages being sent using software generated text messages. With the use of a two way radio or pager in conjunction with a personal computer with internet service, messages can be sent out that notifies the department that a page has been received. In most cases an audio file can be heard in the text message or email.

Benefits of FireTEXT:

Secondary paging system (Possible I.S.O. Points)
Extends the range of current paging system from local to nationwide
Woman’s Auxiliary
Juniors / Explorers
Notifying mayors and city council
Outfit an entire department for less than the cost of 1 pager
Pager being repaired but no spare for firefighter
Probationary Firefighter
Going to neighboring town where pagers don’t receive but still have a good response time
Off-duty call out.
Ambulance / First Responders
Send messages to the department without bothering dispatchers using personal web page, such as training, meeting reminders, and ect.
Messages can be sent in less than 5 seconds and received within 10 seconds
Can be set up to activate phones in a wide variety of situations

Example of FireTEXT messages

WHITE WATER FD 04-22-12 14:26 STRUCTURE FIRE 101 MAIN St. *(Message sent from 911 Dispatcher)

Lepanto EMS 05-02-12 13:58 First Responders 101 Main St., Trailer 181, Medical Emergency, R-2 coming from Marked Tree. *(Message sent from PD Dispatcher)

PHILLIPS CO DEPUTIES 04-22-12 09:15 COURT HAS BEEN CANCELLED RESCHEDULED FOR NEXT TUESDAY *(message sent from internal personnel using personal web page)

MONETTE Page Received at 8:41:12 PM on 5/1/2012 * (Message sent using radio/pager to computer using software)

BROOKLAND FIRE Page Received at 11:19:41 AM on 5/1/2012 * (Message sent using radio/pager to computer using software)

Edmondson FD 05-04-12 10:41 Other Class tonight has been canceled *(message sent from internal personnel using personal web page)

Trumann FD 05-03-12 15:03 Other Reminder of the Northeast Meeting tonight at Brookland will be leaving FD at 6PM *(message sent from internal personnel using personal web page)

(These are actual calls and messages sent out, address has been changed for privacy.)

Setup and Upkeep of FireTEXT

Setup of the program is VERY simple. The initial setup for your department would be done by our personnel at our home office. We will send you an e-mail with your login information.  With our NEW Portal you will be able to add and update information live. If at any time you have any issues, email support@firetext.net and we will be glad to assist you .

Important information concerning FireTEXT

FireTEXT is compatible with most phone providers. For those subscribing to SMS, text messaging rates may apply. See your mobile provider for more information on Short Message Service rates. For those subscribing to MMS service, Multimedia Messaging Service rates may apply . See your mobile provider for more information on MMS rates. Date Rates may apply. FireTEXT is not responsible for delay of service or if messages not received. This service is a backup or secondary service and should not be used as a primary emergency call out.

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FireTEXT is powered by Custom Communications, LLC.