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Our company was formed in 2006 by Bo Hickey. Bo was an ICOM dealer for five years in the northeast region Arkansas region, with over 10 years combined experience in public safety vehicle equipment. We have grown to include three additional employees, with over 300 customers. We have now evolved into one of the areas largest distributors in Arkansas.

Now offering service in vehicle equipment to include installation of consoles, light bars, dash lights, deck lights, grille lights, and siren system. Also offering computer services to include maintenance and troubleshooting, repair, and new builds. Offering network services, sales and leasing, web hosting and designing. Now offering ID Cards for your Police, Fire, EMS, or other organization.

We at Custom Communications feel we offer our clients better service by concentrating our efforts into a few specialized areas. As seen on our site, we have limited our business to only a few vendors. By doing this we ensure that when our clients call, we have what they need. We can also answer most question regarding products or technical issues. Locally, our customer service has been the key to our success. We provide our clients first class services. By shopping with us you will find we have taken the same service oriented approach with our local clients as those on the web.


Our Valuable Team Members

Bo Hickey
Bo HickeyPresident
Email: bo.hickey@firetext.net

John Cook
John CookSupport Engineer
Email: john.cook@firetext.net 
Lena Frisby
Lena FrisbyData Operations
Email: lena.frisby@firetext.net
Courtney Wright
Courtney WrightOffice Aid
Email: courtney.wright@firetext.net
Mike Overton
Mike OvertonOutside Sales
Email mike.overton@firetext.net
Sarah Green
Sarah GreenAdministrative Assistant
Email sarah.green@firetext.net
Megan Chambers
Megan Chambers Administrative Assistant
Email megan.chambers@firetext.net