What exactly is FireTEXT?

FireTEXT is a web based program, designed and distributed by Custom Communications LLC, that sends a text message to emergency responders cell phones notifying them of emergencies. These messages are sent from a computer or smartphone using a SUPER easy and VERY convenient web site. You will receive a message from dispatch advising of the location and type of call.


Is FireTEXT right for my department?

Yes! FireTEXT is a valuable tool to all departments, including small rural volunteer fire service to large EMS providers.  Providing service to sheriff’s office and local police department, FireTEXT has you covered.  For emergency and non-emergency messages, FireTEXT can send a wide verity of message types to your department.


How does FireTEXT work?

Emergency messages are transmitted from dispatch centers, staffed stations, or end users mobile device giving detail information about a call.

Non-emergency messages are transmitted in the same manner giving detail messages to the end users.


How much does FireTEXT cost?

Our basic plan starts at only $15 a month.  You can see our different prices and break down by clicking here.


How does our department sign up for FireTEXT?

Simple! Fill out a online form for your department information, once we have your department information, we will contact you with your log in information.  SIGN UP