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I just wanted to say thanks for the great service. It is the perfect supplement to our communication system and we have already used it three times in the past four months when our primary systems went down during bad weather. There is no telling how many lives this system saves on those occasions.

Chris W.

We are on a mission to serve and protect the communities that we love and endure.

With over 50 years combined experience in the emergency service, we understand the importance of effective communication. When your main paging systems fails, having a reliable backup plan is mission critical. That is why we have developed and distributed an ever advancing service to emergency personnel nationwide. With FireTEXT, you and your department will be able to respond faster to emergency calls, thus saving lives and property. We are here for you, so you can be here for them. 

FireTEXT® was first started by Custom Communications, LLC in early 2006. In 2012, FireTEXT Dispatch Solutions, INC. was started and grew to evolve to what it is now, a mobile application and online dispatching service. Our motivation has always been to better serve and protect our communities nationwide each and every day, no matter the circumstances. FireTEXT® is a non-profit 501 (C) organization.





How FireTEXT Started

The idea of FireTEXT came to us back in 2006, when the price of a pager ranged from five to six hundred dollars per device. Carrying around these pagers were an added expense that not all departments could afford. To solve this problem, we developed an audio-based software to notify users cell-phones of emergencies being dispatched in the area. 

2009 - 2012

Change of Direction

A few years after our initial launch, we asked our partnering communities how FireTEXT could better serve them. The answer was simple: a redirect. Our customers didn’t need a paging system anymore, instead, they needed a reliable backup communications service in case of emergencies. Since this change of course, FireTEXT has supported hundreds of departments by installing a fast and dependable communications service.


Mobile App Debut

The release of the FireTEXT mobile app was a huge improvement to the back-up communications service. Now, users can receive Live-Chat push notifications, GPS tracking, and much more from their own mobile device.ers cell-phones of emergencies being dispatched in the area. 


FireTEXT becomes a Non-profit

Our mission at FireTEXT has always been to serve and protect our communities all across the nation. We believe all departments, hospitals, schools, etc. should have access to back-up communication services. This is why as of Jan. 2020, FireTEXT has been registered as a non-profit organization.

Frequently asked questions

How does FireTEXT work?

FireTEXT is an emergency dispatching program that notifies first responders of the location and nature of call via text message. 

Can I access FireTEXT if I am not on a department or associated to a agency?

No, FireTEXT is designed for emergency services only. We do however have non-emergency customers such as churches and sport teams using our service. But, generally speaking, the public does not have access to receive messages from 911. 

Is FireTEXT is right for my department?

Yes! FireTEXT is a valuable tool for all departments ranging from rural volunteer fire services to large EMS providers. For emergency and non-emergency messages, FireTEXT has your team covered.

How does our department sign up for FireTEXT?

Simple! Fill out our contact form with your department information. Once processed, we will contact you with your log in and set-up information.