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June 2022

Changelog New updates and improvements

FIR-11Set default timezone for departments to CST
FIR-20Modify department table columns
FIR-25Add createdBy to dispatches and show super admins & department admins
FIR-27Drag & Drop Department Buttons
FIR-42Add pagination on top as well as bottom
FIR-115Ability for super admin to see users notifications and alerts settings
FIR-116Mobile App performance issues and bad behaviour at the core functionality
FIR-122Ability to send email notifications
FIR-123Ability to send a dispatch to multiple departments
FIR-124Add email address above sign out button
FIR-127Ability to upload a photo to a recent dispatch
FIR-130Ability to edit an active call as a dispatcher & department admin
FIR-133Ability to utilize keyboard shortcuts for all forms in the web app
FIR-137SPIKE – Live chat improvements
FIR-139Address field not required
FIR-147ADD “School” as a department type
FIR-150Call Type Icons showing question marks
FIR-152Turn on phone call integration in production
FIR-155Update iOS to show the FIRE icon
FIR-161Logged in view should show “please install on app store”
FIR-162Idle time on console causes address field to not work.
FIR-166Yahoo Users not getting email
FIR-176Remove push token from BE if redundant, chat api speed fix, scroll fix
FIR-177App crashes for both iPhone and Android
FIR-179Socket compatibility with older mobile apps
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