We’ve built our platform after years of experience in the industry, and continue to improve our product to utilize the most modern technologies available.

We continue to improve our product to serve our communities in the best way possible.

Automatic or Manual Dispatch

Use our automatic voice enabled dispatch for a fraction of what the competition charges, or handle manual dispatches with a seamless web dashboard enabled with visual response.

Automatic voice dispatching is available on any plan for an additional $408/year, which covers hardware and software support.

How FireTEXT works

1. Create a dispatch

If you have automated voice dispatching, this step is completely automated. The radio will receive any dispatches and then create a dispatch in FireTEXT.

If you are using the manual dispatch option, a user will select the department, call type, address, and message to create a dispatch.

2. Dispatch is sent

Once created, the dispatch notification will be sent out via push notifications and/or SMS message to all of the subscribers of a department.

3. Receive updates from responders

Responders can mark themselves en route to the emergency, share their location with the dispatcher, and upload photos of the emergency.

Additional features

Emergency notifications

Dispatchers can receive text or push notifications and choose when and for which call types they are available to respond to.

Automated voice dispatching

Our platform automates the dispatch flow by listening to radio channels to send automatic notifications.

Responder updates

Receive updates that responders are on-route to a scene. Responders can attach photos and notes as well.

Department communications

Our mobile app chat allows end users to chat with their agency or agencies.

Call history

Dive back into the details of any past call and even play the recorded audio on-demand.

Mutual aid

Send dispatches to multiple departments that are linked together as mutual partners.

Weather alerts

Receive EAS (emergency alert system) weather alerts through the mobile app.

Custom ringtones

Know exactly when an emergency is happening by choosing a custom ringtone for the FireTEXT app.

What our customers are saying

Chris W.
Northeast FD

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service. It is the perfect supplement to our communication system and we have already used it three times in the past four months when our primary systems went down during bad weather. There is no telling how many lives this system saves on those occasions.

Lucas A.
Ridge FD

Let me say something. You have an amazing product and amazing / awesome support. FireTEXT helped us this very weekend. Our service went down, and we called FireTEXT for help. We didn’t expect a quick setup, but they went the “extra mile” and had us up within a few hours. So I gave 5 stars for the support, 5 stars for the service, and 10 stars for the customer service.

Jamey W.
Baylor PD

FireTEXT is one of the best services introduces to the field of Emergency Services! Couldn’t operate without it in conditions like this! Thank y’all!